Energy Solutions
that Rise to the Challenge

The world’s energy landscape is changing, incorporating more renewable energy and storage technologies. And Solential is delivering the complex energy solutions you need simply.

Solar PV

Solential provides solar solutions to commercial customers that include companies, government entities and nonprofit organization. We work exclusively with solar photovoltaic (PV),  a technology that converts sunlight into direct current electricity through the use of semiconductors. When the sun hits the…

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Energy Storage

Solar and energy storage are better together, enabling excess energy generated during daylight hours to be stored for use at night or during periods of high energy demand. Storage balances variation in solar energy production caused by season, time of…

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Microgrids are a self-sufficient energy system that serve a discrete geographic footprint, such as a municipal office complex, university, hospital, business center, small towns or communities. Within microgrids are one or more types of distributed energy such as solar panels, wind…

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Solential Energy is the first commercial solar company in the Midwest to offer floatovoltaics, which are photovoltaic solar arrays installed over water rather than on open land, rooftops or canopies. We have partnered with the leader in floatovoltaic racking systems,…

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Facility Upgrades

Aging physical structures such as correctional facilities, municipal buildings, school, and commercial office buildings are often incredibly energy inefficient, driving up energy usage and costs. Switching to solar energy, while it may help, is just part of the solution. Solential…

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As business, cities, farms, utilities, schools, and others move to promote positive change for the environment, adopting renewable solar energy is a very proactive and practical approach to making a significant impact. Proactive because solar energy plays an important role in…

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