Energy Innovation Engineer

The primary job of an Energy Innovation Engineer is to understand an enterprise’s energy use in great detail, sometimes down to the second. Monthly electric bills typically only show usage on a daily basis, which is insufficient for a comprehensive understanding of energy consumption patterns. By gathering interval data from your utility, we can analyze and track your power usage minute by minute, producing a detailed energy load profile. This profile provides a granular view of how energy is consumed throughout the day, highlighting peaks, troughs, and patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed.

With this detailed information, we can model and generate thousands of potential scenarios to optimize your energy consumption. By selecting the scenarios that best fit your specific energy needs, we can enhance efficiency, improve resiliency, and reduce costs. This might involve shifting energy use to off-peak times, integrating renewable energy sources, or implementing energy storage solutions. The goal is to create a tailored energy strategy that meets your operational requirements while supporting sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

Guiding Principles of an Energy Innovation Engineer:

By focusing on these tasks, an Energy Innovation Engineer ensures that an enterprise can achieve significant energy savings, reduce costs, and contribute to environmental sustainability.