Solential Energy is the first commercial solar company in the Midwest to offer floatovoltaics, which are photovoltaic solar arrays installed over water rather than on open land, rooftops or canopies. We have partnered with the leader in floatovoltaic racking systems, Ciel et Terre, which originated the technology more than a decade ago and has installations around the globe. The ideal locations for floatovoltaics are bodies of water not used for recreational purposes such as wastewater treatment lagoons, reservoirs, retention ponds, retired quarry lakes, and tailings ponds. This solar option is particularly compelling for wastewater treatment lagoons that don’t have land for ground-mounted arrays. Other significant opportunities are food processing plants, large agricultural enterprises with holding ponds, and retired quarries and coal mines. These arrays are flexible in design and can range from 100 kW to 100+ MW of power. Contact us for more insights.