Hendricks Power 

C&B Graham Project Is the Largest Utility-Scale Solar Array Designed and Built by Solential


Based in Avon, Indiana, Hendricks Power Cooperative provides electricity and energy services to more than 35,000 residential, commercial, and industrial customers in west-central Indiana. Formed in 1936, the cooperative is owned and controlled by members they serve. Hendricks Power is part of the nation’s largest energy network, which includes 1,000 electric cooperatives, public power districts, power supply generation and transmission cooperatives, and other entities. Electric cooperatives serve 32 million customers in 46 states and are committed to including green, renewable energy to their customers. 


Hendricks Power’s members are experiencing the stress of rising energy prices. Many expressed interest in using renewable to power homes, farms and businesses. Hendricks Power is committed to sustainability and reducing the cooperative’s environmental footprint through solar energy. Adding a renewable power resource to their system, at a cost comparable to their wholesale power supplier, reflects their commitment to being environmentally and cost conscientious. 

Rising energy costs
Interest in renewable energy
Price sensitive members


Hendricks Power selected Solential Energy as its solar development partner on a 7 MW AC solar array based on Solential’s reputation for successfully partnering with rural electric membership cooperatives (REMCs) on solar projects across the Midwest. This is the largest solar array developed independently by Hendricks Power and the largest for a REMC in Indiana. Additionally, this is Solential’s largest utility-scale solar installation in its 13-year history. Some 19,225 solar PV panels will be installed on the rural site in Tilden. Currently under construction, the array will be commissioned and generating solar power by mid 2023.

The project is named the C&B Graham Solar Energy Project for the local family that is leasing 60 acres of land for the project.  The array initially was to be built at another location, but when that fell through, Hendricks County resident Larry Graham stepped forward an offered to lease a portion of his family’s farm. The land lease agreement was signed in May 2022, clearing the way for Hendricks Power’s solar project. The project will bring clean, renewable electricity to the coop’s 35,000 members across Hendricks County. It also brings financial security to Larry Graham and his family for the next 25 years, earning Graham twice the amount he’d get from leasing the land for farming.

Solential introduced Hendricks Power to an outside solar investor. In return for financing the project, Hendricks Power signed a 25-year power purchasing agreement (PPA) with the option to extend it for another 15 years. The net result is Hendricks gets renewable solar power for its co-op members at stable rates as well as capacity savings. The 25-plus year revenue stream benefits Solriver as do the Investment Tax Credits.

Solential CEO Jim Shaw says he is honored to join Hendricks Power in bringing renewable solar energy and all of the benefits it affords to co-op members.

“This is truly a special project for Solential because not only is it the largest solar installation we have ever developed, but also due to the significant impact the C&B Graham Solar Energy Project will have on cooperative members now and in the future. We’re all concerned about rising energy costs, energy reliability and resiliency, as well as the need to lessen environmental impacts. When you can deliver a solution like we are with Hendricks Power, it’s a great day.”

Jim Shaw, Solential CEO

7 MW AC solar array
19,225 solar PV panels 
Commissioning in mid 2023

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