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Floating Solar Revolution: Fort Wayne’s Leap into Sustainable Future with Solential Energy

Fort Wayne, Indiana, is at the forefront of environmental sustainability and resilience, thanks to a unique floating solar panel project at the Water Pollution Control Plant. This pioneering initiative, one of the few in the country, solidifies Fort Wayne’s position as a leader in providing unique and beneficial public services.

Comprehensive Strategy for Environmental Benefits

Solential Energy’s installation of these solar panels is part of a broader, decade-long energy project. This effort is expected to yield significant financial savings over the coming decades while dramatically reducing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 20% at the city’s water and sewer facilities.

Microgrid: A Revolutionary Approach

The floating solar panels are a key element of a complex microgrid system, designed to supply power to the water and sewer plants. This microgrid, combining solar panels, battery storage, and natural gas, enhances energy efficiency, reduces costs, and provides critical backup power during emergencies.

Forward-Thinking Leadership

Fort Wayne’s commitment to efficient resource use and environmental care is evident in this project. The installation of solar panels on wet weather ponds is a proactive step towards generating power for critical facilities and ensuring uninterrupted service during power outages. This project exemplifies the city’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and implementing sustainable energy solutions.

Project Progress and Future Outlook

As of now, 2,464 of the planned 12,320 solar panels have been installed, with the project completion and power generation expected to begin in late 2024. Solential Energy’s role in this groundbreaking venture is central to transforming Fort Wayne into a greener, more resilient community.

Economic and Environmental Impact

This microgrid project is a crucial part of Fort Wayne’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, projected to save $8-10 million in electricity costs in the first 20 years, and $60-70 million over 40 years. Upon completion, it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 4,600 tons annually, equivalent to the emissions from 1,161 gasoline-powered vehicles.

Power Distribution and Storage

The solar panels will significantly contribute to daily power needs, complemented by an extensive battery storage system for power usage during low sunlight periods. This innovative approach by Solential Energy not only supports Fort Wayne’s environmental goals but also showcases the potential of renewable energy in urban settings.

Project Details

Fort Wayne, IN

Project Size:
6.71 MW

Floating Fixed Tilt Solar PV
Battery Storage
Natural Gas Generation
Bio-gas Generation

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