C&B Graham Energy 

Largest Solar Array by Solential For Hendricks Power Cooperative

Solential Energy has embarked on its largest utility-scale solar project, the C&B Graham Solar Energy Project, in collaboration with Hendricks Power Cooperative. Located in Avon, Indiana, Hendricks Power serves over 35,000 customers and is part of a vast national energy network. Committed to green, renewable energy, the cooperative aims to reduce its environmental footprint in response to rising energy costs and member interest in sustainable solutions.

A Significant Solar Development

In this landmark project, Solential is installing a 7 MW AC solar array in Tilden, Indiana. This installation, featuring 19,225 solar PV panels, is not only the largest independent solar project by Hendricks Power but also represents the largest REMC solar array in Indiana. Solential’s expertise in solar development with rural electric cooperatives was key in securing this partnership.

Local Collaboration and Impact

The project is named after Larry Graham, a local resident who offered land for the project, providing a dual benefit of renewable energy generation and financial security for the Graham family. Hendricks Power has entered a 25-year power purchasing agreement with an option to extend, ensuring stable energy rates and capacity savings for its members.

Renewable Energy Benefits

The C&B Graham Solar Energy Project stands as a testament to Solential’s commitment to delivering renewable energy solutions that address rising energy costs, reliability, and environmental concerns. CEO Jim Shaw highlights the project’s significant impact, marking it as a special achievement in Solential’s history and a major step towards sustainable energy for the cooperative’s members.

Project Details

Danville, IN

Project Size:
10,185 Kilowatts

Solar PV

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