Solential Names Energy Tech Veteran Mark Falahee Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Market demands for robust energy solutions in face of rising costs, transition to renewables, and grid fragility are driving historic interest.

In the wake of a highly disruptive, painful 2022 that saw energy costs soar and public and private entities clamoring for solutions, Solential Energy is accelerating efforts to be the Midwest’s preferred provider of complex energy solutions. Today, Solential announced it has named energy technology veteran Mark Falahee as vice president of sales and marketing to lead the company’s expansion beyond solar PV to include microgrids, battery storage and innovative technologies like floatovoltaics.

Falahee brings to Solential more than 35 years of experience in the energy technology and energy services industries, primarily with large, multinational companies. He launched his career with Honeywell. Prior to joining Solential, Falahee worked with Trane Technologies providing energy and environmental solutions for cities, schools, county correctional facilities, and water/wastewater utilities.

Commenting on the announcement, Solential President and CEO Jim Shaw says the desire for a return to stable, reliable energy costs coupled with an increase in federal and state programs that incentivize the adoption of solar  energy generation and energy storage, have created a unique opportunity for Solential.

“Businesses, cities, water and wastewater utilities, agribusinesses, and other organizations that have traditionally relied on cheap energy had a rude awakening last year. It wasn’t just rising costs; it was the fragility of the energy grid and disruptions to energy supplies that are now driving demand for solutions that will help restore energy affordability and resiliency. Solential has been inundated by organizations looking for expert guidance to address their energy use and systems.”

Shaw continues, “The timing is perfect to elevate Mark to vice president to accommodate more customers with their energy transformations. We are involved in increasingly complex energy solutions such as microgrids, battery storage, electric vehicle recharging, as well as energy innovations like floatovoltaics. We’re also helping customers navigate programs like the federal Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 that allows broader participation in tax credits for solar PV and battery storage. Mark’s extensive expertise in developing and implementing energy solutions is unsurpassed and is critical in executing the large-scale projects we are bringing onboard.”

Falahee says he was attracted to Solential because of the company’s track record. “Strategically, Solential has developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the renewable energy space and understands the consultative approach to customers’ energy needs that leads to creative, effective solutions. We have some significant projects in the works that will be the first of their kind in the Midwest. The opportunity to make a difference for our customers across the Midwest was too big to pass up.”

A native of Michigan, Falahee is a graduate of Michigan State University and an avid sailor.

About Solential Energy

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