Carmel Clay Library 

Carmel Library: A Beacon of Sustainability

Carmel, Indiana, renowned for its commitment to environmental protection and community amenities, is raising the bar with the Carmel Clay Public Library solar project. In line with the city’s $40 million library renovation, incorporating solar energy was a crucial part of the plan, reflecting Carmel’s ongoing efforts to expand its green energy footprint and counter rising energy costs.

Revolutionizing Library Spaces

Since 1999, the Carmel Clay Public Library has been a central hub on Carmel’s Main Street. The renovation, starting in 2017, aimed to adapt to population growth, technological advances, and evolving media consumption patterns. The library’s Director, Bob Swanay, emphasized sustainability as a core component of the library’s reimagined vision.

Innovative Energy Solutions

The $40 million project, unveiled in 2018, includes expanded community spaces, a new digital lab, teen space, café, and an event lawn. A significant focus was on energy efficiency, with a new air handling system and LED lighting. After the building’s renovation in October 2022, the focus shifted to installing a roof-mounted solar array.

Solar Array by Solential and Telamon

Selected in July 2022 through an RFP process, Solential Energy, in collaboration with Telamon, is constructing the library’s solar array. Scheduled for completion in mid to late 2023, the array will feature 511 solar PV panels, generating 245.3 kilowatts DC of electricity. This installation is not just about energy savings; it’s a digital, interactive learning tool for the community, demonstrating Carmel Clay’s commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship.

Community Impact and Environmental Leadership

Carmel Clay’s approach aligns with the City of Carmel’s environmental priorities, seen in other projects like solar arrays at water and wastewater facilities. Solential’s involvement in these projects underscores the city’s dedication to lowering energy costs and serving as a positive example for sustainable community development.

Project Details

Carmel, IN

Project Size:
250 Kilowatts

Ballasted roof mount solar PV

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