Three Reasons to Choose Solential as Your Commercial Solar Solutions Partner

Identifying a solar energy company that’s qualified to handle a commercial solar project isn’t as easy as doing an internet search. There’s no Home Advisor or Angie’s List for solar energy companies. The reason is commercial solar solutions are complex and require specialized knowledge and experience. Too, a solar system represents a significant investment and given the life of an installation – 30 to 40 years – it’s important to choose a solar company wisely.

Since Solential Energy was founded more than a decade ago, we’ve designed, built, and continue to monitor and maintain commercial solar installations across the Midwest. In talking with our customers post installation, here are the top three reasons they chose us as their solar solutions partner.

One: Solential delivers turnkey solar energy solutions.
Some solar companies focus entirely and sales and installation. Solential is a solar solutions provider, meaning we’re with you from initial planning through installation and beyond. We provide detailed analysis of your energy needs and solar generating requirement, provide engineering, site design, installation, and testing. Post installation, we monitor and maintain four installed solar energy solutions. Having a sole supplier of a complex energy project gives our customers peace of mind that everything is being handled properly.

Two: Solential finds financing for your solar energy project.
Commercial solar systems represent a significant investment on the front end. Solential’s customers appreciate the fact that we help find financing for their solar projects. This includes Investment Tax Credits (ITC), identifying solar grants for farms and municipal projects, and providing access to solar investors. We also work closely with ProsperityAg, a company that specializes in identifying grants for farms and agricultural-related businesses and even manages the application process. The goal is to make your solar project affordable on the front end so you realize the significant savings on your monthly energy bills through the life of your solar system.

Three: Solential provides 24/7 remote monitoring.
Every Solential commercial solar project comes with our Cloud-based, real-time monitoring and management solution to ensure peak performance. With Solview, we don’t have to be on your site to know exactly how your system is performing. In fact, we monitor every single inverter so if there’s a problem or a panel isn’t performing at the optimum level, we can dispatch a technician to address it. Our customers also have access to Solview for self monitoring. During the COVID-19 pandemic when many people were sent home to work, Solview has provided huge peace of mind for customers in the wastewater and healthcare industries that can’t afford glitches in their systems. They simply login into our portal and they can see exactly what’s going on across their solar arrays.

Wherever you are in your search for a solar energy partner for your business, farm, wastewater treatment facility, hospital, school, municipal building or prison, it helps to talk with knowledgeable people with a passion for doing things right. Send me a text, email or give me call at 317-627-4530. I’m happy to help.