Solar Energy: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Have you ever searched for the perfect gift? The one thing your significant other will love and be forever grateful to you for? It’s tough, right? That’s because it’s hard to find a gift that will remain significant over time, that adds happiness on a daily basis, supports a healthier life, is affordable and maybe, just maybe, is socially beneficial as well. And no, I’m not talking about Pelaton!

Finding that perfect gift is probably one of life’s most impossible tasks as well as my own personal Holy Grail! You can’t knock a guy for trying!

While not totally appropriate for your personal significant other, here’s a significant gift that keeps on giving: Solar Energy. And it’s one that cities, electric power cooperatives, businesses, wastewater treatment facilities, schools, farms, and nonprofits should consider “gifting” to themselves. Here’s why it’s absolutely perfect:

Solar is significant over time.
The beauty of solar is that it’s a renewable energy source and therefore timeless. Unless there is some freak solar eclipse that blocks the the sun for for days on end, we know the sun will shine. And when the sun shines, we can count on it to create the energy we need to power our cities, businesses, schools, farms, and essential services like water treatment. Unlike fossil fuels like coal, solar is infinite. It is the original “forever” gift.

Solar adds happiness on a daily basis.
Our lives are dependent on energy. And while we don’t always think about it, the energy we use impacts our lives for better or worse, including our communities and the environment. Switching to solar is an investment that pays big dividends to our communities, the world and ultimately our own happiness. (And there’s the happiness associated with lower energy costs as well!)

Solar supports a healthier life.
Solar power generation is carbon neutral and has tremendous potential to reduce America’s green house gas emissions. And cleaner air can make a dramatic impact on our health. Poor air quality leads to various lung disease like asthma and cancer. Who can forget this image of the Taj Mahal at the height of this year’s pandemic? Normally, the skies there are gray due to pollution caused by cars and other sources of carbon emissions. When carbon emissions were cut, the sky was blue – and healthy – again! Solar energy is truly a gift that supports health!

Solar is affordable.
I know what you’re thinking. My business, school, farm, fill in the blank, can’t afford the upfront cost of solar. The truth is, converting to solar has never been more affordable due to a range of options. There are solar grants available to farmers and nonprofits for example. There are also solar investors that will finance the upfront costs of a solar system in exchange for the tax credits and a Power Purchasing Agreement with the business or school. Federal investment tax credits also bring down the upfront costs. Too, interest rates on capital improvements remain extremely low. And when you work with a solar solutions company like Solential, you will have expert help in finding the right financing option for you, your business, farm or organization.

The other part of affordability is solar energy reduces the cost of electricity and is not subject to the spikes seen with carbon-based fuels. Commercial solar customers can see reductions in monthly electricity costs of up to 40 percent. For schools, wastewater treatment facilities, nonprofits and businesses, that’s a lot of money that can be redirected to other pressing needs. If you’re interested in learning how much your organization can save on its energy costs, Solential can do an energy audit.

Solar is socially beneficial.
This is a big one. As a clean source of energy, solar energy has a huge impact on society today and in the future. It’s something entire communities can get behind because it’s a change for good. I have to say, I am particularly proud of the solar installations Solential has done with schools, water treatment facilities, and our good friends at the Wabash Valley Power Alliance because of the impact we make on so many people. Installations like Wabash Valley’s community solar programs in Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri bring solar to small businesses, schools, and home owners that might otherwise not had access to solar energy and all of its benefits.

And another exciting socially beneficial trend in 2020 that we plan to carry forward into the new year is the growing popularity of pollinator habitats that support not just essential pollinators like bees and butterflies, but also create essential habitat for wildlife and preserve native grasses and plants. More and more of Solential’s customers are on board with adding pollinator habitats to their solar solutions.

Have I made your holiday gift shopping easier this year? I certainly hope so! Solar power is the gift that keeps on giving and something I love to talk about. If you’d like to put solar on your wish list for 2021, let’s connect. Solar is the future and the time to explore is now. Here’s how to reach me: or 317-627-4530. Happy Holidays!