School District Delivers on Promise of a Safe Environment with Move to Solar Energy

I saw this article today about a Virginia School District that is converting eight of its locations to solar power. And it moved me.

Here we are, beginning to pull out of the coronavirus economic shutdown, which has tested everyone’s resolve and financial status, and this school district still has the vision to make the move to solar. Wow!

Solar arrays will be installed at a high school, middle and elementary school campuses, and at an administration building. All today, the new solar systems will provide nearly half of the electric power used at the schools. This will, of course, have a significant impact on the district’s energy costs. The money saved can be redeployed in any number of ways – learning technology and supplies for students, support for athletics and the arts, teacher salaries – whatever they want.

But the cost savings was not the only driver for Orange County Public Schools’ move to solar. The district clearly states its commitment to a safe and caring environment. Investing in solar power, which reduces carbon emissions that compromise air quality, reflects an investment in the health of students and the community now and in the future. That’s very powerful.

Additionally, the superintendent recognizes that the schools’ new solar arrays present a learning opportunity, something Solential supports with our school customers. You’d be amazed how excited kids get when they connect the dots between the solar panels at their school with the electricity powering their classrooms.

So kudos to Orange County Public Schools in Orange, Virginia, for your leadership in these challenging times and your commitment to your students and community. Let’s hope more school districts follow your lead.

                  Corey Miller, Solential

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