Four Reasons Why Schools Should Adopt Solar Power

There are currently about 5,500 schools in the United States that have converted to solar power. In the process, these same schools are collectively saving  millions of dollars in annual energy costs.

How are so many schools able to adopt solar power? Isn’t it cost prohibitive to install and difficult to maintain? It turns out the answer to these questions is no. Here are four reasons why your school or school district should adopt solar power and enjoy the benefits.

One: It won’t cost you a thing. We know that sounds crazy; nothing in life is free, right? But in the case of schools, you can secure a solar system with zero upfront capital. This is due to financial vehicles that allows companies and individuals to invest in schools’ solar systems. They front the initial purchase and installation cost and in return receive federal tax credits that they are able to monetize. Solential has helped schools across the Midwest benefit from this approach.

Two: Control future energy costs. Just like everything else, the price of electricity will go up. A particularly frigid winter or hot spring can have a significant impact on energy usage resulting in unexpected expenses. Schools that deploy solar energy can save an average of $60,000 in annual energy costs. Over the life of a system, the savings can be as high as $5 million! The money your school saves – roughly 20 percent of your current monthly cost – can be redirected to other important areas like teacher salaries; educational technology; or arts, athletics and after-school programs.

Three: Great learning opportunity for students. Students will be naturally curious about your school’s new solar system. In fact, solar  power generation creates endless opportunities for STEM learning and can even encourage students to pursue a career in the sustainable energy industry.

Solential works with our school customers to incorporate STEM learning opportunities for students. This includes lunch and learns, classroom presentations, or having a “show and tell” where take students and teachers out to the solar field and discuss the solar array and how it works. When a school is actually using solar technology, teaching the science of energy production and distribution along with the social and environmental impact is much easier!

Four: Switching to renewable solar energy is the right thing to do for your community. Schools do more than teach; you lead by example! Adopting a solar energy system sends a powerful message to your community, your staff, students, and families about the importance of using sustainable, green and clean energy. Having a positive impact on the environment will certainly lead to more pride in your school and community!

Corey Miller, Solential

Interested in what you’ve read here? Solential is a leading designer, installer, and maintainer of solar systems across the Midwest. We’ve helped hundreds of schools, municipalities, businesses, healthcare entities, and even farms transition to solar energy and reap the rewards. We encourage you to reach out to Corey Miller, our director of sales, for information and a complimentary evaluation of your school’s needs at or call 317-978-1727. You’ll find more information on our website.