Coronavirus Lockdown Hack: Solential’s SaaS App Enables 24/7 Solar System Monitoring from Anywhere in the World

CARMEL, Indiana (May 13, 2020) – – Working from home can be nerve-wracking, particularly for those responsible for operating essential services like wastewater treatment plants, hospitals, municipal buildings, prisons, and farms. How do you detect an issue with your solar system if you’re not onsite?

Solential Energy has the solution: a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) remote asset management system that enables 24-7 monitoring of solar systems. Users with a smart phone, tablet, or laptop can login into the company’s Solview portal from virtually anywhere in the world to check the performance of an entire system down to individual inverters. Should there be an issue, the system issues real-time alerts isolating the exact fault via email.

Solview software for commercial solar installations is unique in the industry. It is currently operational on all Sotential designed and built solar systems and available to utility scale and smaller commercial systems through licensing agreements.

The Solview system was designed by Solential’s chief technology officer and co-founder Dave Burns in 2012, and was originally intended for internal use to verify performance of the company’s solar projects across the United States. Functionality was expanded to allow customer use. The robust remote monitoring and asset management system, which is integral to Solential’s preventive maintenance program, has proved to be a lifesaver for customers during the coronavirus lockdown.

                             Jim Shaw, Solential

“Anyone responsible for mission-critical assets like a solar power generating system is under stress these days with the stay at home orders and need for social distancing,” says Solential CEO Jim Shaw, “Solview has really proven its worth these last few months as our team and our customers have been forced out of offices and plants and sent home to work. Thanks to Solview, it’s been business as usual. I can be in my home office in Carmel, detect an issue at a wastewater plant in Iowa, a farm in Michigan or hospital in Illinois, diagnose the problem, and dispatch a technician with the right supplies to fix it – without leaving my desk.”

He adds, “That’s a real confidence builder for customers who have enough on their plates without having to worry about being onsite to ensure their solar system working.”

Solview provides Solential and its customers with real-time visibility to solar systems of any size, including utility scale. Users can monitor overall energy generation, individual panel output, whether a the system is overheating or running under accepted levels, environmental conditions, and generate reports on energy generation and consumption over days, weeks and months. Fault isolation tools pinpoint potential issues.

Solential can make its dashboards interactive based on customer requirements. For example, businesses can use Solview to share information with employees, customers and other stakeholders, while schools can use the monitoring system as a STEM learning experience.

The goal, says Shaw, is to make customers’ solar arrays as reliable as the sun that powers them. “The global pandemic has disrupted businesses and lives in ways we’ve never seen in our lifetime. Thanks to Solview, our solar systems are go and our customers have peace of mind.”

About Solential Energy
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